Evening at the Library 2/28/17-Charmed by The Jewel Box Authors

It was a Charming and fun-filled evening when readers joined us on Feb. 28th at 7PM, as the Alafaya Library and Lorelei’s Lit Lair hosted their first Author Meet & Greet of the year! The audience enjoyed many interesting tales and had the opportunity to get to know the delightful Jewel Box Authors. Plus, many won great giveaway baskets! (Pics, coming up!) But first…

Here are some highlights of the Charmed by The Jewel Box Authors event
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Caro Carson—Man there are a lot of football playing hot single doctors in Texas!—I love that she wrote for Harlequin mainly because she has read so many of their books through the years. And I loved her story about the first time she saw snow while at West Point.  She was granted a whole 10 seconds to enjoy it.  Her next book is about a female rancher and a Marine.  Her thoughts on this:  “I will never do another Marine.”  Hmmm….

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Catherine Kean—While Caro was reading Harlequin novels in her youth, Catherine was traveling to England and visiting graves.  Sounds kind of somber, but these trips and her father’s background as a history teacher definitely influenced her writing.  She is now a Kindle Unlimited All-Star and has written 14 medieval romances.  Her next is a novella with other medieval authors in an anthology.

T. Elliot Brown—After reading everything that wasn’t censored in her local library, she finally decided she needed to write what she wanted to read.

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She loves historical romance because past events help her to develop a conflict.  I love what she said about romance books though—romance offers the reader an opportunity to see how others would deal with certain issues.  This made me think of a sweet book called The Little Paris Bookshop where a literary apothecary dispenses books like medicine based on your needs.  Sounds good to me.  Teresa is currently working on her sapphire story which is centered around a WWI conscientious objector.

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Wynter Daniels—It’s a good thing for her readers that her plans to be an archaeologist, actress, or sculptor didn’t work out.  She has written 3 dozen romances, spicy Contemporary being her favorite, and just finished the story of a cursed psychic in the Nocturne Falls Universe.  (Perhaps she can weave into her next book the story of setting the toilet on fire. Her mom might have something to say about that, though.)

Visit Barbara Vey

Our speaker, Barbara Vey, is an impressive woman, isn’t she?  Going from agoraphobia to selling out a reader event in 17 hours is no little feat.  I love the story about using the smoking break time to sneak in reading in a secret file.  (I may need to try that.)  I also appreciate how much she emphasizes that authors are approachable people, for the most part, and would love to hear from their readers.

RWA’2017  ORLANDO, FL July 26-29th 

Did you know that money from RWA (Romance Writers of America)  in July will go toward literacy causes?  How awesome is that!  Book signing is Saturday July 29th at 3pm at Walt Disney World® Dolphin Resort, Pacific Hall. For more information about the “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing click HERE.


Charmed By An Emerald- $0.99 for Kindle

emerald(*Subject to change, depending on when offer expires. Please check before purchasing)


Giveaway Winners

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Fun Times! 

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Even more fun!

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See you March 30th for our next event!


Save your seat 😉 Bring a friend! 


**Many thanks to the amazing Danielle King, library manager of the Alafaya Branch, and the staff,  for your continued support of the romance and writing community, and to the awesome Julie, Kerry and Karen, for adding so much fun and joy in everything we do for the love of reading romance! ❤

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