Evening at the Library 3/30/17 ~Wrangled & Tangled With Lexi Post, Cynthia D’Alba & Pamela Hearon

Yeehaw! It was a fantastic and fun-filled evening when readers joined us on March 30th at 7PM, as the Alafaya Library and Lorelei’s Lit Lair hosted another entertaining Author Meet & Greet this year! (Our next event is April 12th, 7PM)  The audience enjoyed many interesting tales, laugh out loud moments and had the opportunity to get to know western romance authors Cynthia D’Alba, Lexi Post, and special guest, author Pamela Hearon who shared her first women’s fiction book with all. Then everyone joined in the fun as we Line Danced, then selected many winners who took home great giveaway baskets! (Pics, coming up!) But first…

Here are some highlights of the WRANGLED & TANGLED Event

Pamela Hearon

Pamela Hearon_10c
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  •  Her birthplace–Paducah, Kentucky inspired her writing voice.
  • Rita Finalist in 2013 for Out of the Depths
  • Gaining Visibility is featured in this month’s Country Woman magazine as a recommended Book Club Pick.
  • Started with Harlequin Super Romance
  • Of writing about sex in books: “It’s hard.”
  • Of newest book, her agent said, “I really like the title.” The rough draft is finished and now she’s into the rewrites. She has some work to do!
  • Plays dulcimer and loves astronomy.
  • Wants her readers to gain confidence and be inspired–if the characters can get through hard times, so can they.

Cynthia D’Alba

Cyndi Headshot #4.jpg
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  • Started writing on a challenge from her husband
  • Born in Arkansas—lives there in summer and Florida in winter.
  • Loves to chat online
  • Embroiders
  • Of Don Allen (hot firefighter pictured) “Holding his arm is like holding a log.”
  • Newest book: Saddles and Soot is about a fireman who falls for a fire bug. Whispering Springs, TX series
  • Her publishing company went out of business so she is currently putting her books back online herself.
  • Her current Work in Progress is called “Texas Daze” which is about a female rancher and a doctor who is afraid of horses.
  • Wants to make her readers laugh, cry and sigh at the happy ending.

Lexi Post

Lexi Post head shot
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  • Romance inspired by the classics. Said, “I know classics and I know sex.” 
  • All of her books have an “Author’s Note” to explain what stories the books are based on.
  • Based the nudist colony in her books on “Outcasts of Poker Flat”
  • Won a first line contest.
  • Makes her own ice cream
  • Always wears a hat 
  • Loves to line dance. Was a ballet dancer.
  • Currently working on 4th book in Eden series—planet of naked men based on Emily Dickinson’s poem “Wild Nights.”
  • Wants readers to know through her books that good conquers evil and love conquers all.


RWA’2017  ORLANDO, FL July 26-29th 

Did you know that money from RWA (Romance Writers of America)  in July will go toward literacy causes?  How awesome is that!  Book signing is Saturday July 29th at 3pm at Walt Disney World® Dolphin Resort, Pacific Hall. This is a FREE event!  For more information about the “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing click HERE.

Fun Times with lots of laughs! 

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Yeehaw! Everyone Line Dancing 😀 

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Giveaway Winners

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 See you on April 12th for our next event!

Love Across Sub-Genres


 Bring a friend and win prizes! 


Love Across Sub-Genres event details…



**Many thanks to the amazing Danielle King, library manager of the Alafaya Branch, and the staff,  for your continued support of the romance and writing community, and to the awesome Julie, Kerry and Karen, for adding so much fun and joy in everything we do for the love of reading romance! ❤

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