Evening At The Library 4/12/17 Love Across Sub-Genres with Elicia Hyder, Maria Geraci and Lucy Rhodes

It was a fascinating evening at the Alafaya Library on April 12th, 2017. The Love Across Sub-Genres event was more like Love Across the world, with guest authors originally from North Carolina ~Elicia Hyder, Cuba~Maria Geraci, Author, (now a long time Floridian) and even Australia~Lucy Rhodes! Attendees were captivated and impressed by each author’s personal experiences, and corresponding sub-genres: small town contemporary to paranormal.

It was also like Animal Kingdom for our special guest author Lucy Rhodes, visiting all the way from the land down under, who saw for the first time a raccoon and opossum that would appear in the background behind the glass wall! Aspiring writers also received great advice on writing. Many happy Giveaway winners, yet everyone left with prizes gifted by the authors.

Here are some highlights by Lit Lair Lady Karen on

(Otherwise known as “Cats, and raccoons, and opossums, oh my!”)

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Maria Geraci—What a wonderful woman!  I love her Whispering Bay series; the characters are so real and lovable.  If you haven’t checked out her Facebook page, do so; in addition to book stuff, the recipes she posts are delightful.  Originally from Havana, her favorite comfort food is Ropa Vieja, and she will judge any restaurant she goes to by that dish alone.  Also, she’s always on the lookout for the ultimate Key Lime recipes.

Maria is still working as a nurse but has time to write because of her flexible schedule and her empty nest. Though her first love was historical fiction, it was the Bunco Babes that really got her writing career going.  Maria is working on 2 more in her WB series, a contemporary romance near St. Augustine, and maybe a cozy mystery. Sounds good to me!

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Elicia Hyder—(I am putting as many semi-colons as I can in this post because she likes to take Lucy’s out; I feel that’s wrong.)  Don’t you think it’s awesome when Elicia shares her story of the publisher-call/cancer-call day?  She said last night that she wants her readers to laugh and feel things when they read her books.  They do accomplish that, but her story itself is certainly inspirational in the “If I can do it while battling chemo you can certainly try to accomplish your goals, you big pansy” way.  (Well, at least that’s what I heard.)  I love her line:  “If I fail it’s because the book sucks not because I didn’t give it everything I had.”  Wow.  And yet she was shocked when she was able to turn down 3 different publishers for Soul Summoner and do it on her own. I’m not shocked by this; the woman kicks butt.  (Just be careful, Elicia, with your research.  Being married to a cop and researching how to blow things up may not be in anyone’s best interests.  Be comforted, however, that the Lit Lair Ladies will come and visit you in jail.  If you end up at 33rd street, I know people there.  I can get you extra meals or something.)

Elicia just finished her 4th book on the SS series and is getting ready to work on her roller derby book.  Oh, yeah!

Pre-order $0.99! SNOW Anthology-16 authors including Lucy Rhodes.

And then there’s Lucy Rhodes, also known as my new Quirky Australian Friend.  (I might just call her Quaf; it’s cute. Like “quack.” Are there ducks in Australia?  Are they deadly like everything else seems to be there?  Hmmmm…killer ducks.  Sounds like something worth looking into.)  From writer to graphic designer to publisher, Lucy “can’t believe I’m working with books every day.”  She is so hilarious, I really want to read her funny romantic stories.  I want to be IN one of her funny romantic stories, like as the side-kick.  Lucy, could you get on that?  Your readers are awaiting your brilliance.  And we are also awaiting the upcoming “Snow” story in the anthology you are putting out.  No pressure or anything.

Writers can visit Lucy’s website www.rendercompose.com for edit/design/publish services.

Wisdom of the Evening:

“Self-publishing is a lot of work.”  EH

“Amazon in the biggest book distributor in the world, so you really want to play in their sandbox.”  EH

Immerse yourself in the genre you want to write.  When you read, read from a writer’s point of view, as well.    MG

Finish a book—even it’s crappy.  After the first “The End,” the rest gets a lot easier.

Let authors know you like their books.  They love that!

“Write a prologue if you need to.”  MG

Don’t keep something in your book, even if you really like it, if everyone else you ask hates it.   MG

Wattpad can be a great place for writers to start.  Check it out!

Everyone needs to be reading Kristan Higgins, clearly.

Brain FM could help with creativity.

“Mate” is NOT a term of endearment in Australia, and nobody says “G’day.”  They do, however, say “How ya goin’?”

*Let’s just take a moment, shall we, to appreciate Chris Hyder for always being by his wife’s side and for not shying away from situations involving such high levels of estrogen.  Hats off to you!

Happy Readers and Winners!

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