Evening at the Library 5/30/17~The Making of a Romance Novel~ Mimi Wells, Nancy R. Thompson & Kathleen O’Brien

18839248_1019578418176289_8297506101168508694_nOn May 30th, 2017, many readers and aspiring writers attended THE MAKING OF A ROMANCE NOVEL event at the Alafaya Library in Orlando, FL.  What a fun filled evening of romance, laughs and giveaways galore! We had 8 gift-set winners, but all of our wonderful fans who attended left with a autographed book in hand!  We enjoyed many fun tales and adventures, plus great writing advice from our fantastic author guests Nancy Robards Thompson Author, Mimi Wells Author and Kathleen O’Brien (Author)!

As always, infinite thanks to our star librarian, Danielle King, as well as the Lit Lair Ladies- Julie, Karen and Kerry, who add so much joy and fun to all our events. More pictures coming up, but first…

Here are some highlights by Lit Lair Lady Karen

If I learned anything from the ladies who presented that evening, it’s that the ideal man would be a combination of Rob Thomas, Ross Poldark, Lenny Kravitz, and Mr. Darcy.  Hmmmmm…….let’s all take a moment to think about that, shall we?

Okay, enough of that!  We need to make sure our peeps register for the Romance, Wine and Chocolate event as soon as it opens up on July 1st.   I bet it sells out right away!

Really great writing advice from Kathleen O’Brien, Mimi Wells, and Nancy Robards Thompson:
  • Be aware of which side of the “naughty door” you want to be on.
  • Write your horrible stuff and get it over with so you can move on to your good stuff.
  • Nurture those ideas that randomly pop into your head; you never know what they may become.
  • Watch out for the “plot bunnies” that grab your ideas and go.
  • Try not to plagiarize yourself.  (That one’s particularly funny.)
  • Go to Paris to do research. (Sign me up for that one.)
  • Make time to write (even if it’s early—yuck) but don’t be too hard on yourself.  There are only so many hours in a day, and there’s always the “deadline miracle.”
  • If you tend to write quickly, practice writing detail (people, sunsets).
  • Remember that it’s easier to cut out then build later.
  • Write in layers.  Pick what you’re good at and write it first.
  • Think about why each scene matters and how they connect.  You may want to use a plotting board for this.
  • Authors learn a lot from what readers like best.
  • Nothing’s ever going to be perfect.  If you spend too much time tinkering, you will never finish.


Great lines:

“I don’t know what nasty things people do.”  K.O.

“Do you want to write what you want to write or do you want to write what sells?”  (Hmmmm….both?)


Books we should have read or should be reading according to the ladies:

The Phantom Tollboth

Ella Minnow Pea

The Great Gatsby

Where the Wild Things Are

Ross Poldark and series

Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe Mysteries

Dorothy Dunnett–The Lymond Chronicles

Anything by Dick Francis

Amalfi Night Billionaires (of course!)

Q: “What do you hope readers will experience after reading your books?”

Mimi Wells wants her readers to laugh and learn something quirky, Kathleen O’Brien wants her them to feel befriended, and Nancy Robards Thompson hopes readers feel a sense of community with the characters.


(Click on the pictures to view larger)




(Click on the pictures to view larger)



I hope to see you at our  2nd Annual Romance, Wine & Chocolate event on September 1st, 2017!

***Registration will go live July 1st!***

I will keep you updated. More news coming soon!


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