RWC’17 Author Spotlight & Giveaway: Karen Hawkins!

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 Today’s guest author is Romance, Wine & Chocolate featured speaker, Karen Hawkins! Learn some fun facts about Karen in this short Q&A.  Leave a comment on the blog for a chance to win an ARC of CAUGHT BY THE SCOT!

1. What genres do you write?

Historical and contemporary romance

2. Coffee or tea lover?

Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, and wine in the evening.

3. Name one thing on your bucket list.

To take a river cruise through Europe.

4. Do you have pets?

Two! Both rescue dogs. A half American Bulldog/half Border Collie dog named Teke, and a chocolate lab rescued from a breeding farm named Sadie. They lay on my feet when I work.

5. When I wake up every morning I … Hug my handsome guy, aka Cap’n Hot Cop, if he’s home. If he’s not, I drag myself out of bed and take the dogs out. They apparently expect that.

6. Weirdest or unique thing you own.

I have an estate sale/antique auction/eBay habit so I have a lot of antiques, especially snuff boxes and books. The oldest books I own are from the early 1700s. And an Antiques Roadshow appraiser believes one of my snuff boxes is from the 1600s!

7. Do you have any hobbies or particular skills?

I’m addicted to reading romances and biographies. I used to sculpt, but then I ended up with a bunch of large dragons. So now I’m learning to paint (watercolors)

8. What do you hope readers will experience or gain when reading your stories?

Warmth, happiness, the feel of another place and time, some well-researched historical tidbits, smiles, and at least one big happy sigh. Romances are about love and family and hope. I love to share that.

Meet Karen Hawkins

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New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Karen Hawkins is known for her wonderfully humorous and emotion-tugging historical and contemporary romances. The author of over 30 novels, Karen writes for a living between shopping for shoes, playing around on Facebook and Pinterest, looking for fun items for Hawkins Manor, and napping, although usually not at the same time. Sometimes, for fun, she takes Instagram pictures of her two rescue dogs, Sadie and Teke, and posts them online.

Yeah, she’s a wild one.

Karen lives in snowy Massachusetts, with her husband, aka Hot Cop, and her two dogs. Her children are both out of college and have become productive, non-violent members of society. Karen writes six to eight hours a day when not obsessively reading research books on Regency-era Scotland, snacking on chocolate, or looking out the windows of her house and thinking about gardening. Her hobbies include sculpting, oil painting, playing badminton, and — ok, ok, she doesn’t have any hobbies, but if she did, she’s sure they’d be something refined and fascinating.

If you want to follow Karen on any of the various social media outlets that allow her to engage in ‘productive procrastination,’ you can find her at:





Caught by the Scot

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Dashing Scottish privateer Conner Douglas must marry a respectable, well-born woman—and soon, if he wants to secure his rightful inheritance. Determined to still explore the high seas as well as his mistresses’ beds, he aims to find a pliable wife who’ll turn a blind eye to his antics. And he knows just the woman—childhood friend and mousy spinster Miss Theodora Cumberbatch-Snowe.

Unbeknownst to Conner, meek and plain Theodora has been hopelessly in love with him for years. But unwilling to wait forever for what will never happen, Theodora plans to wed a kind—if unexciting—local landowner, leaving behind the wild Highlander of her dreams.

Yet Conner refuses to let his perfect wife get away. He chases her to Gretna Green and is shocked to discover the real Theodora is an ardent and wildly sensual woman. Soon he realizes his passion to win her has nothing to do with securing his inheritance and everything to do with earning the love of the unforgettable woman who has vowed to leave him in her past forever. But have his wandering ways chased the woman he loves away for good? Or can Conner convince Theodora to give him one last chance before she marries the wrong man?



Karen Hawkins is giving an ARC of Caught by the Scot , (U.S only) to one lucky commenter!

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12 thoughts on “RWC’17 Author Spotlight & Giveaway: Karen Hawkins!

  1. I remember the post about Cap’n Hot Cop trying to discourage you from taking a sculpting class as he feels like there are enough dragons residing in Hawkins Manor. haha But you never post pictures.
    Are you learning to paint dragons too?
    What/who do you read?
    I have been reading Karen Hawkins historical romance for a long time. Thanks for popping in. Never miss a fun Loreleis Lit Lair interview!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am learning to paint dragon! I’m also making very small dragons now. They’re much more portable!

      Thank you for reading my books! I know readers have many choices, and I’m tickled you give mine some of your precious reader time. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. A cruise through Europe sounds fun! We are doing the Alaskan cruise trip next summer. We booked it and then my oldest daughter got engaged and decided to get married 10 days after we return! That should be fun!


    1. I’ve loved having seasons again, but I’m not fond of having to change out my wardrobe for each of them. One thing I do love about this area is the history. Sooooo many houses from the 17 and 18 hundreds. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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