RWC’17 Author Spotlight & Giveaway: Karen Rose!

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 Today’s featured writer is Romance, Wine & Chocolate guest author, Karen Rose! Learn some fun facts about Karen in this short Q&A.  Leave a comment on the blog for a chance to win!

1. What genres do you write?

Romantic Thrillers

2. Coffee or tea lover?

Depends.  Coffee in the a.m., tea in the p.m.

3. Name one thing on your bucket list.

Ride a horse again. (Had a riding accident 3 years ago and have not ridden since.)

4. Do you have pets?

I have two dogs and a cat: Loki — a Bearded Collie, Freya, — Giant Schnauzer, and kitty Bella — short for Belladonna, of course.

5. When I wake up every morning I…  Stagger to the Keurig.

6. Weirdest​ or unique thing you own.

Most unique – the walking stick my father used when he climbed Mt. Fuji in the early sixties.  It is branded with the symbol of each of the nine stations where climbers could stop and rest.  It’s displayed in a hand-made case crafted by my brother-in-law. We lost my dad seven years ago this month, so this item is especially precious.

​7. Do you have ​any hobbies or particular skills?FingerlessMitts

I knit and I’m reasonably capable in American Sign Language. And of course I read!

8. What do you hope readers will experience or gain when reading your stories?

First and foremost, I want their hearts to beat a little faster as the villain gets close to the hero and heroine, their brains to be challenged by the puzzle of who and/or why the villain is wreaking havoc, and their sighs to be happy at the guaranteed happily-ever-after. If I can, I include information on themes I find important. Some examples: surviving assault, identifying victims of a crime (human trafficking, for example) and knowing how to help them, and recognizing the dangers of the internet to children and adults. So I want to entertain, but if I can teach along the way, that makes me happy.

Meet Karen Rose

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Karen Rose is a #1-internationally bestselling author, her books appearing on the New York Times, London Sunday Times, and Germany’s Der Spiegel bestseller lists.  A two-time RITA® winner, five of Karen’s other titles have been RITA® finalists.

Her nineteenth novel, MONSTER IN THE CLOSET, will be released in August, 2017.  Her books have been translated into twenty-four languages.

A former chemical engineer and high school teacher, Karen lives in Florida with her family, including two dogs, Loki and Freya, and a cat, Bella.  (Short for Belladonna, of course.)


Twitter: @karenrosebooks


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Baltimore PI Clay Maynard routinely locates missing children for clients, but his own daughter—stolen by his ex-wife—has eluded him for years. Until she turns up right under his nose…

Since she was a child, Taylor Dawson believed the lie her mother told her: that her father was a monster. But now she has a chance to get to know the real Clay while doing real work as an equine therapist, which includes helping two girls whose mother was brutally murdered. She might even find something deeper with her boss’s handsome son, Ford Elkhart, whose eyes are so haunted. But just as Taylor feels her life opening up to new family, work, and friends, a danger lurks in the darkness—one that will show Taylor the face of true evil…


Winner is Donna B!

Karen Rose is giving away a printed mmpaperback edition of MONSTER IN THE CLOSET to one lucky commenter!  INTL giveaway

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16 thoughts on “RWC’17 Author Spotlight & Giveaway: Karen Rose!

    1. Thank you! He is very talented! The wood he used for the case came from my father’s back yard. It’s cherry and my father planned to make cabinets with it, but he passed away before he could do so. Dad would be so pleased that the wood is being used to make such beautiful things!

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    1. I read a lot of contemporary romance, LGBTQ romance, and paranormal romance (specifically vampires). Don’t read a lot of suspense, mostly because I need a break from the intensity when I’m not writing.

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    1. Alpaca is my FAVE fiber. I just got some merino that also very soft! I knit mostly for friends and family, not so much for myself. I live in FL, lol. Not much opportunity to wear knitted woolens in this heat!

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