Author Spotlight & Giveaway: Caroline Linden!

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 Today’s featured author is the talented Caroline Linden! Learn some fun facts about Caroline in this short Q&A.  Leave a question on the blog for a chance to win At The Christmas Wedding!

1. What genre(s) do you write?

Historical romance (with one short contemporary novella)
2. Coffee or tea lover?

Tea x 1000!
3. Name one thing on your bucket list.

Seeing the aurora borealis, preferably from Sweden or some other Scandinavian country.
4. Do you have pets?IMG_1778

I have a one year old Labrador puppy called Orion. He is the star of my Instagram. ❤
 5. When I wake up every morning I… take the puppy to the dog park! He’s full of energy and I can’t get anything done until he’s had his exercise.

​6. Weirdest​ or unique thing you own.IMG_2500

I have a Princess Leia doll from the original Star Wars. Mint condition, all her costume intact and in good shape. She’s like a Barbie but proportioned like a real woman. She was my favorite, but it’s all due to my mother’s saving tendencies that I have her in this incredible shape.

​7. Do you have ​any hobbies or particular skills?

My mother taught me to sew, and I mostly put this to use making increasingly complex costumes for my kids. I made my own wedding dress as well.
8. What do you hope readers will experience or gain when reading your stories?

Joy. I hope they feel the thrill of finding someone who loves them just as they are, who also sets their hearts on fire in turn. And the assurance that love is strong, and worth fighting for, nurturing, and celebrating.

Meet Caroline Linden

More books by Caroline Linden

Caroline Linden was born a reader, not a writer. She earned a math degree from Harvard University and wrote computer software before turning to writing fiction. Since then the Boston Red Sox have won the World Series three times, which is not relevant but still worth mentioning. Her books have won the NEC Reader’s Choice Award, the Daphne du Maurier Award, the NJRW Golden Leaf Award, and RWA’s RITA Award, and have been translated into seventeen languages.

Facebook: https://www. AuthorCarolineLinden
Instagram: https://www.

At The Christmas Wedding


Snowed in at a castle full of handsome lords, three young ladies are about to have the holiday of their lives…

From the authors of At the Duke’s Wedding.

Map of a Lady’s Heart by Caroline Linden

The road to happily-ever-after… With Kingstag Castle full of guests and the snow falling, Viola Cavendish has her hands full making sure the Christmas house party runs smoothly. The unexpected arrival of the Earl of Winterton and his nephew Lord Newton upends everything. Not only is Lord Newton flirting with the young ladies Viola is supposed to chaperone, Lord Winterton himself makes her pulse race.
Always takes some twists and turns Wesley Morane, Earl of Winterton, has come to Kingstag Castle in search of a valuable atlas, and he refuses to be deterred by the snow, the house party, his nephew, or even the most ridiculous play ever staged. But before long the only map he wants is one that shows him the way to Viola’s heart…

Hot Rogue on a Cold Night by Maya Rodale

Jilted by a duke: Lady Serena Cavendish was born and bred to be a duchess. Too bad, then, that the Duke of Frye mysteriously and suddenly ended their betrothal.
Seduced by a Rogue: Greyson Jones, an agent of the crown, is the only one who thinks being jilted has made Serena more alluring. When he lucks into an invitation to a Christmas house party at Kingstag Castle to cheer her up—and perhaps find her a husband—he seizes the opportunity to win her heart before they might be parted forever.
On the way to the altar: Their journey to happily ever after involves a ridiculous play, a lovesick swan, a mysterious gift and, of course, a kiss.

Snowy Night with a Duke by Katharine Ashe

The last time Lady Charlotte Ascot bumped into the Duke of Frye, she climbed a tree to avoid him. Sometimes it’s simply easier to run away than to face her feelings for him — overwhelmingly passionate feelings that no modest lady should have! Now, on her way to Kingstag Castle to celebrate the holidays with friends, Charlotte is trapped by a snowstorm at a tiny country inn with the duke of her steamiest dreams.
But Frye has a secret of his own, and Christmas is the ideal time to finally tell the woman he’s always wanted the whole unvarnished truth. Better yet, he’ll show her…


Winner is Mlaird!

Caroline Linden is giving away an ebook of At The Christmas Wedding , (U.S & INTL) to one lucky commenter!

To enter, simply leave Caroline a question about her books or Q&A responses.  Giveaway ends on 11/26/17.

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20 thoughts on “Author Spotlight & Giveaway: Caroline Linden!

    1. It depends! I think that one took a month or so. Since it is connected to the other stories in the anthology, I had to go back and adjust it to fit with events in Maya’s and Katharine’s stories. But I’ve written a novella in anywhere from two weeks to two months.

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    1. I really can’t say. Some books I love for how they turned out, others I love for the characters (in some of my early books, there was a little girl called Molly who was exactly like my daughter at those ages). Some I hated while I was writing them and then came to love them. So, the real answer is, there is something about each one that I love.

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  1. How did you become a writer? It’s a far way from computer programming & a math degree.BTW, I too was a Math major but from Purdue and I used my degree to teach middle & high schoolers who feared the word MATH – “but it’s a four-letter word Ms. Wells.” Seeing the aurora borealis is on my bucket list too, but I’m thinking of trying either in northern Minnesota, where I live, or Iceland.

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  2. I made all of my kids Halloween costumes when they were growing up but I never would attempted to make a wedding dress! Kudos for you. My oldest is getting married in July and someone asked if I would make her dress and I just laughed. I said my work is good enough for Halloween, but not a wedding!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, my wedding dress was very simple. I made it of cotton, too (cheaper and could also go into the washing machine). I made my daughter’s prom dress, and if she asks me to make a wedding dress someday, I’ll do it. Probably after making 2-3 models of it!

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