Author Spotlight & Giveaway: Kerry Evelyn!

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Welcome and Happy Release Day to debuting author, Kerry Evelyn! Learn some fun facts about Kerry in this short Q&A.  Leave Kerry a question on the blog for a chance to win Love on The Edge!

1. What genre(s) do you write? 

Inspirational Romantic Suspense

2. Coffee or tea lover? 

Both; coffee in the morning, tea at night.

3. Name one thing on your bucket list.

I’d love to visit and explore Bavaria, especially castle Neuschwanstein

4. Do you have pets?

Not currently. 10 cat angels and 1 dog angel have crossed the rainbow bridge.

5. When I wake up every morning I…check my phone for messages.

​6. Weirdest​ or unique thing you own.

I have American Girl Samantha Parkington’s complete original collection. I started with collecting the books in 1986, when I was in 3rd grade, and added to it until she was retired (the first time) in 2009. My daughter has picked up where I left off, collecting her Be Forever edition items.Kerry Evelyn Selfie RWC

​7. Do you have ​any hobbies or particular skills?

I have a talent for taking selfies.

8. What do you hope readers will experience or gain when reading your stories?

I’d love to inspire and entertain readers, as well as help them gain understanding of people who may look okay on the outside but are suffering on the inside. I want to show them how real people with real issues navigate the hard stuff life throws at you to get their happily ever afters.

Meet Kerry Evelyn

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Kerry Evelyn has always been fascinated by people and the backstories that drive them to do what they do. A native of the Massachusetts SouthCoast, she changed her latitude in 2002 and is now a crazy blessed wife and homeschooling mom in Orlando. She loves God, books of all kinds, traveling, taking selfies, sweet drinks, and escaping into her imagination, where every child is happy and healthy, every house has a library, and her hubby wears coattails and a top hat 24/7.

Twitter: @TheKerryEvelyn

Instagram @KerryEvelynAuthor



Love on The Edge

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Lanie Owens has just survived a horrific attack by a stalker. Her grandfather, a retired army colonel, drives her to a resort in Maine where she can heal in peace while the authorities track down the man who almost killed her. To Lanie’s dismay, he hires a bodyguard to protect her. Lanie’s nightmares are debilitating, but giving up control of her life is unacceptable.  

Army Ranger Matt Saunders knows all about nightmares. He’s spent the last year recovering from an injury he sustained during his last tour and the hellish events that caused it. Anxious to prove that he is fit to go back overseas, he accepts the bodyguard job. The resort is everything they imagined – tranquil, safe, and a place to heal. Gradually, they open up to each other and realize they have a lot in common – except their future plans. When a resort video goes viral, Lanie’s stalker knows just where to find her. Can they battle their personal demons in time to come together to fight the very real threat coming to destroy her?


The lucky winner is Angela C!

Kerry Evelyn is giving away signed copy OR ebook -winner’s choice- of Love on The Edge , (U.S only) to one lucky commenter!

To enter, simply ask the author a question based on their Q&A responses or books.  Giveaway ends on 12/17/17.

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14 thoughts on “Author Spotlight & Giveaway: Kerry Evelyn!

  1. i appreciate you wanting more people to understand how one can look okay on the outside but be suffering on the inside. everyone has their story. thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nope! I’m definitely taking a bit of a risk combining the two sub-genres, but this is a story that I just had to get out and I couldn’t make it more one than the other to satisfy category requirements. It is essentially a story of healing, but my characters are real people with real problems and this will not fit into most inspirational lines because of some of the content.

      I’m wearing a glittering ball gown, with a massive hoop skirt and plunging neckline, corseted and off-the-shoulder in a Belle type fashion. ♡

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I always enjoy reading inspirational stories that stay with me. I want to share the stories with all my friends. (they have to get the books on their own, still haven’t learned to share) Who are other authors that you enjoy reading? And what kind of snacks do you enjoy while you are writing?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Angela! I have so many favorite authors, there are too many to name! (Although I do name many of them in the acknowledgement section of my book – it is 13 pages long!) My favorite of all time is Lucy Maud Montgomery. From Anne of Green Gables to the stories she wrote an adult audience, I’ve read them all, including her journals. I learned a lot about people from her books, and a lot about her from visiting Prince Edward Island. Her life was not all roses and to write what she wrote despite her hardships leave quite an impression on me. And the island – who couldn’t be inspired by it? It’s just as gorgeous today as she described it in the books. When I need to retreat into a peaceful mindset, I grab one of her novels or short story sets. ♡

      I love chocolate. Depending on the time of day I am writing I will also have coffee or wine. And possibly Nerds. 🙂


    1. Bavaria has always fascinated me. And not just because Castle Neuschwannstein was the inspiration for Cinderella Castle (although that is the original reason I wanted to go!). There is a village in Bavaria that is kept up as an old story book town, and the story of Mad King Ludwig is just fascinating! So many interesting places to see there; gorgeous mountains, storybook fortresses, historic villages, and so much more!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ever since I learned to read, I’ve had a fascination for books. Books provided me with an escape from my perceived boring childhood, angsty teenage years, crazy college years, and uncertain early adulthood. I read now to escape the craziness that is motherhood in middle age. I love being transported to another time or place, and I’ve just always wanted to do that for other people.

      I’ve written stories my whole life. I started writing stories for my grandfather because he would not accept a store-bought Christmas or birthday gift. That turned into writing for my high school newspaper, and eventually becoming its co-editor. In college I wrote feature articles for the campus newspaper, and once I became a teacher I would write stories for my students. My stories were much more exciting then the textbook ones because they featured favorite characters and super silly adventures! The sillier the better for young children! I always wanted to write a book, and finally got my act together and just did it. I set a big goal and a bunch of little goals, and I still can’t believe it! Holding that book in my hand for the first time was so exciting and amazing and humbling!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. The idea for this book came to me after conversation I had with a friend of mine who had served and lost a friend right in front of his eyes. Soon after I woke up with scenes in my head, and I would hear dialogue while I was in the shower or driving. Whenever I was quiet my characters were demanding to be heard. It was quite unexpected – I started writing a whole different story and this is the one that came out.

      Back in 1986, when I was eight, there were only 3 dolls. A pioneer, a Victorian, and the daughter of a World War II doctor. Samantha had the fanciest clothes, a mansion, and a heart for those less fortunate than her. I read her books and just had to have her and her stuff. I learned to love history through those books, and to this day I am a history buff!

      Liked by 1 person

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