Author Spotlight & Giveaway: Kelly Bowen!

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 Today’s featured author is the delightful, Kelly Bowen! Learn some fun facts about Kelly in this short Q&A and check out her latest novella- The Lady in Red! Only $0.99 for Kindle! Leave Kelly a question on the blog for a chance to win Between The Devil and The Duke!

1. What genre(s) do you write? 

Historical (Regency) romance.

2. Coffee or tea lover? 


3. Name one thing on your bucket list.


4. Do you have pets?snook

1 hamster (Snook)

1 elderly cat (Spat)

1 sorrel mare (Smurfy)

5. When I wake up every morning I…Write!

​6. Weirdest​ or unique thing you own.LAKE

4 fishing boats, a canoe, 2 paddleboards, & a kayak

​7. Do you have ​any hobbies or particular skills? 

I’m pretty good at catching bass.  I can also drive a front end loader and I love to paint (oils & acrylics).

8. What do you hope readers will experience or gain when reading your stories? 

For me, making a reader smile or laugh is the highest compliment.  I aim to entertain and make my readers fall in love with each of my happy-ever-afters.

Meet Kelly Bowen

author pic
More books by Kelly Bowen

I was born and raised in Manitoba, Canada. I attended the University of Manitoba where I earned a graduate degree in veterinary physiology and spent many years happily working as a research scientist in the agriculture industry. None of which, of course, has anything to do with writing romance novels. Currently, I live in Winnipeg with my husband and two boys who are wonderfully patient and supportive of the writing process. Except, that is, when they need a goalie for street hockey.

The Lady In Red – a novella 

Just released! December 5, 2017  

Only $0.99 on Amazon *Price may vary

Lady Charlotte Beaumont has spent her whole life being ignored. By her parents, her brother, even the servants. So she was secretly able to develop her talent for painting well beyond the usual watercolors. Too bad no one will let her actually use it-women are rarely accepted into the Royal Academy. But when a connection at the Haverhall School for Young Ladies gets Charlotte her dream commission, she’ll do whatever it takes to make it work. Including disguising herself as “Charlie.”

Flynn Rutledge has something to prove. His lowly upbringing is not going to stop him from achieving his artistic dreams. This commission is the key to his future, and his partner, an unknown youth in oversized clothes who is barely old enough to shave, doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. But Charlie does inspire Flynn’s artistic passion-something he worried he might have lost forever. For all his street smarts, nothing can prepare Flynn for the shock of Charlie’s true identity. He doesn’t care that she’s a woman, but a lady of the ton is a different matter altogether . . .


The lucky winner is bn100!

Kelly Bowen is giving away signed copy of Between The Devil and The Duke , (U.S. & Canada only) to one lucky commenter!

Between the Devil and the Duke hires
Buy on Amazon

Their love was always in the cards…
He should have thrown her out. But when club owner Alexander Lavoie catches a mysterious blonde counting cards at his vingt-et-un table, he’s more intrigued than angry. He has to see more of this beauty –  in his club, in his office, in his bed. But first he’ll have to devise a proposition she can’t turn down.

Gossip said he was an assassin. Common sense told her to stay away. But Angelique Archer was desperate, and Lavoie’s club offered a surefire way to make quick money – until she got caught. Instead of throwing her out though, the devil offers her a deal: come work for him. Refusing him means facing starvation, but with a man so sinfully handsome and fiercely protective, keeping things professional might prove impossible . . .

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16 thoughts on “Author Spotlight & Giveaway: Kelly Bowen!

    1. Thanks for commenting! I have been a huge history nerd for as long as I can remember – the crusades, the Tudor era, and World War II especially all hold a great deal of fascination for me. One of my earliest memories is reading through my grandfather’s NatGeo magazine about the excavation of the city of Pompeii that was literally frozen in time. And for the record, I have to confess that the hamster actually belongs to my oldest son, but the critter makes a very loyal late-night writing friend when everyone else has gone to bed!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. There wasn’t any one particular person who inspired me to write, I don’t think. I’ve always been a voracious reader and I’ve always enjoyed writing. I wrote my first novel when I was home with my first child (a novel, which will never see the light of day again because it is AWFUL), and then I wrote 4 more before I thought that perhaps I might try to have someone read them…:)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I apologize to my mare everyday for her name. I bought her when she was a yearling and had fully intended to name her something dignified. But when we started working with her, she made everything so easy and was such a quick, happy learner that we started joking about how Smurfy she was. It stuck. (Sigh). And she’s still pretty Smurfy 14 years later 🙂

      If you get a chance to check out my stories, I hope you like them!

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Why you live north of me in Minnesota. Okay, hundreds of miles, but still. Do you use any of the water crafts you own? What made you become a writer after being in science fields?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We do! We have a trailer on Lake of the Woods and we spend as much time as possible out on the water all summer. My family and I are huge fisher-people, and now that my boys are older, they are really enjoying waterskiing and exploring the lake on their own as well. Every summer (even when the boys were just babies) we’ve always gone on at least two back-country canoe trips every year – we love being able to disappear on the lake and not see another soul (or electronic or TV or phone) for a week!
      I started writing right after I had my first child – we get a year of maternity leave in Canada, so I took advantage of it during all those afternoon naps…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. For the record, I hate being a goalie. Especially now that the boys have rather effective slapshots. We have a trailer on Lake of the Woods, so our boats are in the water all summer (and so are we!). And I am happy to paint anything – but landscapes are probably my favourite. Not that I am nearly as talented as the folks at Grand Central/Forever who do my covers – I love my covers too! The art department always blows me away when they send me what they’ve designed!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That wasn’t the plan at all (I don’t think, but maybe our subconscious minds were at work…:) ) The hamster was named by my son, the horse by me, & the cat was named by my husband. Spat the cat also had a brother who passed on a couple of years ago, and his name was Spit. They got the names because momma cat was a stray that left 2 fuzzy kittens in my husband’s hockey bag on the porch and every time we tried to move them into the house or somewhere warmer, they hissed & spit at us in their tiny little kitten voices. The names stuck!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Kelly! Who are your favorite historical romance authors that you’ve fan-girl over? And Snook is such a cutie, reminds me of the hamster I had when I was a kid! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have a LOT of favourite historical authors, but here goes in no particular order:
      Elizabeth Hoyt, Joanna Bourne, Sarah Maclean, Susanna Kearsley, Kris Kennedy, Maya Rodale, Joanna Shupe, Valerie Bowman, Grace Burrowes, Alice Hoffman
      And I could go on, but I’ll leave it at ten!

      Liked by 1 person

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