The Wicked City Book Tour with Beatriz Williams

Lorelei’s Lit Lair and the Lit Lair Ladies were excited to attend The Wicked City Book Tour with bestselling author Beatriz Williams, hosted by The Writer’s Block Bookstore in Orlando, FL on January 19th, 2017. The lovely Lit Lair Lady Karen jotted down some interesting fun facts to share. 🙂

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Back in Time with Beatriz Williams

by Lit Lair Lady Karen
  • Beatriz (pronounced Bee a tris, not Beet riz) is a sucker for old movies and going back in time. I love how she collects stories from all over, researches them, then puts them all together—from her mother-in-law’s kitchen table, to a neighborhood she found interesting, to a haunted cellar.  She is also influenced strongly by books she has read.

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