Lorelei’s Lit Lair Recommends CHASING I DO, plus Giveaway and deal alert!

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When I finished reading CHASING I DO, gave a delightful sigh and had a happy heart!

The story line is filled with enough drama to keep you engaged and emotions so romantic and heartfelt that you’ll be swooning and rooting for Gage and Darcy. I even cried in a couple of passages, good tears.

Gage Easton is not only fun, handsome and sexy, but he’s also a romantic. He swept me away from his first encounter with Darcy to the end. He’s a charming and good-guy kind of hero.

Darcy Kincaid is a single mother who loves and cherishes her four year old daughter, Kylie. She’ll do anything to protect her precious child who is quite a darling. Kylie will captivate your heart!

Fancy, a mischievous Pomeranian pup is quite the troublemaker; you’ll love him, too.

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