Author Spotlight & Giveaway: Claudia Connor!

*Giveaway! Easy Entry* Ends 5/31/17
 Today’s featured author is the  amazing Claudia Connor! Learn some fun facts about Claudia in this short Q&A, which you’ll find some answers were quite interesting.  Leave a comment on the blog for a chance to win!
1.What genre(s) do you write?

Contemporary romance

2.Coffee or tea lover?

I switch back and forth every 9 mos or so. I’m on coffee now

3.Name one thing on your bucket list.

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Lorelei’s Lit Lair Recommends Worth The Risk, Plus Giveaway!

I’ve had mworth-the-risky eye on the handsome and charming Jackson since the St. James series began. I noticed the warning signs of a problem with Jackson in Worth The Wait and gradually saw him spiral downhill in Worth The Trouble. He thought he didn’t have a drinking problem, mainly to numb his troubles. But as his life becomes affected by his actions, he now faces a lawsuit and also the growing concern of his loving family.
In Worth The Risk, Jackson is headed to Vermont for six weeks to clear his mind, get his life back on track, and work on remaining sober with the help of counseling.
If you haven’t read the first two books in the series, this is just enough for you to know how this story begins. It stands alone fine, but I do hope you read David and Cat’s stories, which I enjoyed as well.

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